Library Databases and Journals off campus access restored.


DoTS staff has resolved the off campus access issue.


[Resolved] Library Databases and Journals Unavailable Off-campus
Last Updated 8:57AM 12/10/2015

From our checking, it appears all providers likely to be in use by students or employees at UWRF have picked up on this morning’s fix and the service is widely available again. If you continue to have problems after 10am Thursday morning, please contact DoTS for individual assistance with your situation. Thank you for your patience during this service interruption and we wish you best of luck with finals (whether taking them or giving them)!


We have received and confirmed reports that many journals and databases available through the UWRF Library website are unavailable off-campus. People attempting to access these resources may be presented with an error in their web browser that the server is not found, or a similar message. DoTS staff are working to resolve this and will post updates at These resources are available to on-campus connections, including wireless users.

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