Steven Hill presents lecture “The U.S., Mexico, and Labor”

Steven Hill, a noted writer, lecturer, political professional, and Senior Fellow with the New America Foundation, will present a public lecture on Tuesday, November 10 from 3:30 – 4:20 p.m. in the upper level Library Breezeway. Hill’s recently published book, Raw Deal: How the “Uber” Economy and Runaway Capitalism are Screwing AmericHillBookCoveran Workers, analyzes the shift to freelance, temporary, and contract work in the United States that threatens the jobs picture for millions of American workers. In his book, Hill proposes policy solutions that will restore power back to American workers. As part of the Year of Mexico initiative, Hill will speak about these labor trends in relation to our neighboring country, Mexico. The lecture will be followed by a book signing. Free and open to the public.


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