New Strategy for Quiet Study Space

A recurring issue for library patrons is finding quiet space to study.  While the upper level has been designated as a Quiet Zone for some time, patrons will now have an additional tool to ensure that the space they choose to study in is actually quiet.  A student project, designed to identify a new or existing campus issue and implement a practical solution, has led to the library implementing a new strategy so that students can anonymously alert library staff to noisy neighbors without the hassle of having to go downstairs.

The upper level has been broken down into zones indicating a location, such as “Green,” “Blue,” or “Main Stacks H-P,” which is listed on signage throughout the upper level.  Look for signage like this:

quiet zone sign
A cell phone number has been established for patrons to dial and text “LOUD” and enter their zone.  This will prompt supervisors to check the area without alerting anyone that a complaint was made.  The new system will also consist of more frequent walk-throughs to ensure upper level patrons are observing the Quiet Zone policy.

Thanks to Grace Coggio and her Small Group Communication students and library staff member Izzy Quiles for their part in this undertaking.

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