“Time” by DJ Steinetz in Harriet Barry Gallery

UWRF student DJ Steinmetz is exhibiting artwork in the library’s Harriet Barry Gallery.  His show is entitles Time and will be up through March 4th.  The gallery is open during regular library hours.  Read DJ’s artist statement:

Everyone has a story.  Each and every person’s story is different.  We come from different parts of the world, different families, and different social classes therefore with different perspectives on the world.  My interest lies in the role that time plays in peoples’ everyday lives.  How has time effected these people, how has it shaped them?  What has time done to their identities?

Through this series of photographs taken throughout mainland Europe, I offer a glimpse into the lives of inhabitants of a few of Europe’s largest cities.  I took a “fly on the wall” approach while making these photographs, so the contents of them are as much of a mystery to me, as to the public.  That’s the beauty of this series, their effortless ambiguity. 

-DJ Steinmetz

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