Puppy love, anyone?

The Chalmer Davee Library has added therapy dogs to its list of stress-busting finals week activities this year.  Partnering with C.A.R.E., the Companion Animal Respect and Education Club, certified therapy dogs will be on hand on the library’s main level in the Cooklock Room (straight through the main gates at the end of the hallway) from 5-8 pm, Dec 17-19th.

Studies show interaction with animals lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, improves physical and mental health, and gives a feeling of well-being.  Students, faculty and the general public are welcome to stop by and decompress with these friendly, trained canines.

C.A.R.E. is a social organization that advocates opportunities that lie within the companion animal industry, allowing club members the opportunity to network with experienced individuals within the industry.  Kari Ekenstedt and Kris Hiney, UWRF Animal and Food Science, are C.A.R.E. advisers.

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