Student Sculpture on exhibit

Asako Nakauchi’s sculpture student are displaying some amazing work on the main level of the library.  Check out our Facebook page for more photos.

Studio Sculpture Class:  Thousands of Thousands (Materials + Subject matter = Context)

The Studio Sculpture students used multitudes of found objects from their daily life or surroundings to create a new context.  Using the objects that could be collected in mass or easily cut into thousands of pieces, they did some critical thinking about what the material relationship would be to their subject matter.  The results are these sculptures that enhance, contrast, or conjure new meaning from the juxtaposition of materials and subject matter.  They can be enjoyed as political, ironic, or poetic manifestations, or simply in terms of the way the materials enhance the quality in their sculpture.

Introduction to Sculpture:  “BOOK” as a form of narrative sculpture

Introduction to Sculpture students stretched the definition of “book” to create a sculpture that tells a story.  The aim is not simply to “tell” or illustrate an event.  Rather they aimed to create a sculpture that evokes some specific feeling from a narrative event.  The resulting works are therefore not bound to the narrative structural conventions of traditional story telling.  The works become structures that “hold” the experience of a narrative for the viewer to discover.

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