New Student Artwork in the Library

Over the summer the library collaborated with the UWRF Art Department to create a five panel painting series, Window Views.

As part of a remodeling project beginning in 1967 the library building was extended, and five exterior windows were filled in with cement to create a section of interior wall toward the north side of the building.  For many years these unsightly cement squares were hidden behind newspaper shelves but were recently exposed when shelving and furniture were reconfigured.

The library worked in partnership with the UWRF Art Department on a project to camouflage the space in an interesting and creative way.  After some brainstorming, it was decided to work within the theme of windows and create five paintings that represented five unique window views.

Two UWRF art students, JoAnna Schanno and Erin Hunter, working under the direction of UWRF Art Department’s Jeannine Kitzhaber (all photographed below) created the paintings.  Their work depicts the view from an airplane window, the view from a hobbit hole, the view from a car window driving on campus, the view from a castle window, and the view from a ship’s portal.

Next time you’re in the library take a walk back towards the newspaper area on the main floor (near the back staircase) and take a look.  JoAnna and Erin will likely be holding a reception in the coming weeks.

Archival photo of original windows in library building (pre 1967)
JoAnna Schanno, Jeannine Kitzhaber and Erin Hunter
 Top: one of the original windows, pre-1967. Pictured: JoAnna Schanno, Jeannine Kitzhaber and Erin Hunter.

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