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Wisconsin Science Festival: Curiosity Unleashed

The Wisconsin Science Festival: Curiosity Unleashed is taking place this weekend in Madison and other locations throughout the state.  The festival welcomes people of all ages to touch, taste, look, listen and discover the wonders of science, art and more through exhibits, workshops, and lectures.  On the main level of the Chalmer Davee Library just beyond the Research Help Desk is a corresponding exhibit of some of the many science resources we house as well as free science festival bookmarks.

New Student Artwork in the Library

Over the summer the library collaborated with the UWRF Art Department to create a five panel painting series, Window Views.

As part of a remodeling project beginning in 1967 the library building was extended, and five exterior windows were filled in with cement to create a section of interior wall toward the north side of the building.  For many years these unsightly cement squares were hidden behind newspaper shelves but were recently exposed when shelving and furniture were reconfigured.

The library worked in partnership with the UWRF Art Department on a project to camouflage the space in an interesting and creative way.  After some brainstorming, it was decided to work within the theme of windows and create five paintings that represented five unique window views.

Two UWRF art students, JoAnna Schanno and Erin Hunter, working under the direction of UWRF Art Department’s Jeannine Kitzhaber (all photographed below) created the paintings.  Their work depicts the view from an airplane window, the view from a hobbit hole, the view from a car window driving on campus, the view from a castle window, and the view from a ship’s portal.

Next time you’re in the library take a walk back towards the newspaper area on the main floor (near the back staircase) and take a look.  JoAnna and Erin will likely be holding a reception in the coming weeks.

Archival photo of original windows in library building (pre 1967)
JoAnna Schanno, Jeannine Kitzhaber and Erin Hunter
 Top: one of the original windows, pre-1967. Pictured: JoAnna Schanno, Jeannine Kitzhaber and Erin Hunter.

Book Club Begins Today

The library’s Lion’s Paw Book Club 2012-13 season begins this afternoon with It’s Greek to Me.  The discussion leader is Pat Hanson, UWRF Department of Speech, Communication and Theatre Arts – Emeritus and author of It Was Greek to Me.

The group will meet from 3-4pm in the library’s upper level breezeway.

For more information visit: or email

Helen Spasojevich Elected to Classified Staff Advisory Council

Helen Spasojevich, who has worked in the Chalmer Davee Library since 1989, currently in the cataloging department, was elected to the newly formed Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) earlier this summer.

CSAC promotes ongoing education, professional development activities and communication between classified employees and the broader University community.  The Council members serve as advisers to the Chancellor and other University administrators when decisions are being made that affect our campus.  CSAC also provides a forum for all classified staff employees and for interactions with members of the University community, including faculty, staff, and students.

Congratulations Helen!

Fee-based printing system in the library

The Davee Library has transitioned to a fee-based printing system. This transition provides a model that is both more sustainable and more confidential than the prior printing system. All public computers on the library’s main and upper floors and in Library Instruction Lab 331 will print to this new system. Black and white prints are $0.10/page and color prints are $0.40/page.

View a tutorial of the new system.

For additional information contact

UWRF Archives Civil War Blog Receives Reader’s Appreciation Award

The UWRF Archives and Area Research Center’s blog, The Civil War and Northwest Wisconsin has won a WordPress Reader Appreciation Award!

WordPress reader-appreciation-award

The Reader Appreciation Award is an opportunity to recognize blogs that influence us.  The Civil War and Northwestern Wisconsin blog commemorates the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War and is told through newspaper articles, letters, dairies, and photographs of the men and women from the Area Research Center’s 4-county area in Northwest Wisconsin (Burnett, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix counties) who experienced this tumultuous time in American history.  All items are reprinted on the date they either appeared in a local newspaper or were written, not when the event or battle actually took place. You will learn about the progress of the War days and even weeks after the events took place, not at today’s Internet-fast speed.

The blog is compiled by ARC staff and students.  For more information or if you are interested in volunteering to assist in compiling the Civil War blog, please contact Kathryn Otto at 3567.