Plan A Theses and Plan B Papers in MINDS@UW-River Falls

The UWRF Graduate Council recently passed a formal motion stating that all “Plan A theses and Plan B research papers must adhere to the guidelines for mandatory submission to MINDS.” All graduate students submitting Plan A theses and Plan B graduate research papers to the graduate office must now also send a digital copy of their work to MINDS@UW-River Falls.  To submit a work, graduate students should consult the checklist (page 1) and fill out the submission form (pages 2-3) here:

For more information regarding the MINDS project, please consult the MINDS@UW-River Falls submission page at or contact Heidi Southworth at or call 715-425-3924.   For questions concerning the graduate program or guidelines, please contact the Graduate Studies Office at 715-425-3843.

One response to “Plan A Theses and Plan B Papers in MINDS@UW-River Falls

  1. This is a wonderful way to promote the research at UWRF!