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Traditional Japanese Kimono & Chinese Garments on Exhibit

Traditional Japanese Kimono and Chinese clothing will be on exhibit in the Harriet Barry Gallery beginning December 5th.  The exhibit includes several kimono including a Shinto-style wedding kimono, jewelry, hats and several pairs of footwear including Chinese slippers for women with bound feet.

An open reception will be held from 1-2 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 8.  On Thursday, Dec. 15, there are three open presentations (11-11:50 a.m., 12-12:50 p.m. and 2-2:50 p.m.) in which Magara Maeda of the Modern Language Department is going to discuss the traditional role of Kimonos in Japanese culture and give a demonstration on how to properly wear Kimono.  The talk will also include information about traditional Japanese ‘Shinto-style’ wedding ceremony.  Traditional Chinese minority garments will also be on exhibit and will be discussed by Chinese students at UWRF, Ying Wang and Liyuan Feng, in the last 2 open presentations.

All are welcome to attend.

Traditional Japanese wedding kimono

Student Sculpture Exhibition in the Library

Asako Nakauchi’s Intro. and Studio Sculpture students are currently exhibiting mixed media sculpture in the library’s main level.  The exhibition is entitled Skin and Gut: a Contrast Between the Inside and Outside.  Sculptures will be on display through November.

Night Watchman by Maddie Weber      Night Watchman 2

The Night Watchman (above), also knows as Falco Polistes, is known for its speed and short temper and sports glow in the dark eyes.  Created by Intro. student Maddie Weber.  More work by Asako Nakauchi’s students is on exhibit in KFA’s Gallery 101.

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Lion’s Paw Book Club

The Lion’s Paw Book Club meets this afternoon, Wednesday, November 9th, to discuss The Disappearance by Philip Wylie.  Today’s discussion leader is community member Marilyn Schuchman.  The library’s book club meets the second Wednesday of every month during the regular semesters from 3-4pm in the upper level breezeway area.  All are welcome to attend.  Visit the book club webpage for more information.

There is still one opening for a discussion leader this season.  Please contact Cate at 715/425-3874 if you are interested.

Lion's paw Book Club

Lion’s paw Book Club

Installation Art in the Library

Each semester Morgan Clifford’s Art Seminar class showcases installation art in the library.  The current crop will be exhibited beginning today through November 18th.  A few examples are posted below.  Next time you are in the library wander around and check them out!

What's in Your Noodle? Art Installation

What’s in Your Noodle? by Scott Vadnais.

Furniture by Abigail Potter.

Hideaway by Sarah Stolt

Hideaway, by Sarah Stolt.

Podruz Do Domu by Nate Filipiak

Podruz Do Domu, Nate Filipiak.

‎ebrary launches “Download”

UWRF library patrons may now download ebrary content not only to computers but other devices including the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and Sony Reader!   For an overview of how it works, please refer to this training presentation.

[ebrary Academic Complete is a new library resource featuring over 70,000 non-fiction e-books from leading publishers.  See our earlier posting for more information about ebrary.]